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Post by Naiden on Sun 18 Feb 2018, 23:12

Hey Community,

i'm kind a new player and got me my first territory now.
So my problem is, i had already build up â lvl 1 foundation and had to remove it again - now i've got a lvl 1 foundation Blueprint back and i don't know how to use it.

So, is there a way or do i have to farm all ingredients again ?
my next question would be, how do i fully set up the lvl 1 house ( ? ) because i got no list of ingredients that i would need finish it.

thank you in advance and happy surviving ! Smile

( awesome special server by the way ! Smile )


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Foundation Blueprints Empty Re: Foundation Blueprints

Post by JFL on Mon 19 Feb 2018, 00:14

That method of construction is still in the alpha phase. It is better to build a normal house and add a door with codelock. And more simple!!! Wink
To built, look this videos:


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