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Post by WusluZ on Wed 28 Mar 2018, 09:16

Hey Buddys

the following happened to me:
I drive in my Marshal,,cheerful and well,I did not notice that sitting in front of me in the bushes a resident of here.
Despite my skillful panic scream, I could not dodge in time.
As a result, the residents from here reflexively beat my marshal to his house wall, presumably he thought iam a fly.
We then attempted to rescue the marshal from his situation with a bobcat, which failed, as you can see in the following video.
then again happened what had to happen, .... there was a big bang.
This big bang destroyed both our vehicles and damaged the resident's home.
our bobcat was stuffed with nice things from the mission box, and i wanted to ask if you, my insurance, could pay for these damages.

Thank you for listening and best regards your WusluZ


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Post by JFL on Wed 28 Mar 2018, 11:54

XD, that solution is not a good idea. It is better to try to tow the vehicle with ropes, if possible.

I try to spawn vehicles this night.


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