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DayZ Exile Reborn SurvivalSpain
Autentic survival experience

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DayZ Exile Reborn is a mixture of  DayZ Mod elements, Exile mod and other addons to authentically recreate gameplay, atmosphere, and entertainment! to ensure an immersive dayz-esque experience that anyone can enjoy!  

Full Server Name:    
[ES] DayZ Extreme Survival South Zagoria|Vector|ZedsIRebornIMissions IA EventsISurvivalSpain

Steam Group: SurvivalSpain

Admin(s); JFL,

Our server has a host of features to enhance the experience of the zombie apocalypse that is DayZ, including full mods, game changing addons, scripts, and small tweaks to exile itself to give you the best possible experience, we are also taking in any and ALL feedback, criticism, and any other comments you have, suggestions are very welcome to as we want to make the server a better place to play just as you want to play on a better server!

Current Mods:


DayZ Exile Reborn South Zagoria SurvivalSpain - English South-zagoria-terrain-version-01-5_4

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South Zagoria is a harsh enviorment during the warmer seasons, but when winter comes Zagoria becomes a whole new animal! As the temperature drops, survivors must find refuge from the cold, old houses and deep forests make for perfect shelters to set up camp to keep nice and warm, you may also find old heatpacks to aid you in your travels! All clothing ingame has been looked through to give each piece of clothing a heat value, some clothing will be very warm to mildly, ranging from heavy PCU Jackets to lighter sweaters and jeans, hats also will help fight the cold a good example being the Ushanka hats! Many pre-apocalypse militaries also used to have winter camouflage and the Chernarus Defence Force was no different! They had a multitude of winter clothing vests and helmets to help keep you hidden and protected from the cold and bullets. Many survivors also take refuge at the Survivor Camp to huddle up by the cozy fire with others to stay warm. (Special thanks to John / Reborn for this)


DayZ Exile Reborn South Zagoria SurvivalSpain - English South-zagoria-terrain-version-01-6_4

Our loot table has been completely reworked to include a number of new catagories for buildings such as farmhouses that have their own table mimicking DayZ Mod's old loot table, thus meaning all loot tables are different and require you to go to certain places to receive certain items. Civilian loot will have plentyful amounts of food, drink, civilian equipment, and some old fashioned bolties. Industrial loot will have many tools, building supplies, fuel drums, and more ALL of which has a use, everything on our server is used for something, there is no wasted items here! Military loot will give you the off chance at a power automatic rifle or even sniper rifle, among other things such as ammo military grade vests and helmets, aswell as their old uniforms. Weapons now also have a chance at spawning WITHOUT ammo, or only one mag. This will help you decide which is better to take in a pinch, a 5.56 with 3 mags or a 7.62 with one, maybe an LMG with no mags to trick enemies! As said earlier much of the industrial loot is used in many of the crafting recipes now, that means SAVE EVERYTHING, make sure to check if it is used in any crafting recipes, if not, make sure it's not used to repair vehicles! Cars now require a wrench and car tire to repair one of their wheels, aswell as a toolbox and number of supplies. Our servers helicopters, the Huey and Mi8, both require many materials to fully make operational.

Funcions, scripts and features:

SurvivalSpain server is a highly customized version of Exile with the following features:

  • Our server is PVE, but PVP is allowed. Problem: kill players lost higt respect values. Player names appear over their head when you aim at them.
  • Zombies: Custom coded zombies, almost  walkers, including hordes. Each zombie has a chance to spawn with a vest and backpack with items and random poptabs.
  • Bandit AI: Bandit headhunter groups stalk a random player on the map. Bandits also drive around the map in vehicles and fly overhead. The helicopter has a chance to drop air assault troops on the players.
  • Missions: There are  not marked missions, but they are out there. Occasionally, a marker will be placed in the style of a player marking the map. These missions include a town invasion style mission, with a large number of AI in a town, a crashed vehicle or a vehicle drop. The vehicle drop includes a fully functioning vehicle you are free to take after killing off the AI. Searching AI and zombies may reveal the coordinates of missions. You can also hack comm towers with a laptop to find mission locations.
  • Dynamic events: Two fighter jets fly around the map, trying to shoot each other down. When one is successful, the plane crashes and you can get loot in the form of military items, including a flight suit, helmet and more. Supply crates are periodically dropped at the airfields and may contain useful items. Earthquakes will shake you up. Be careful during one, as buildings can collapse from them. Jet fly overs also exist, where a single jet flies over head.
  • Hunting and scavenging: You can kill animals and cook them on fires. You can also search some bushes/trees for berries to eat.
  • Persistent wrecks: You'll find vehicle wrecks scattered around the world. They are persistent, always in the same location. There's a small chance of finding a bag of poptabs laying on the ground near them..
  • Custom traders:  The traders on the server are different from most server, as they don't sell everything that spawns in the game. As a matter of fact, the general store trader sells few items. You'll find pistols and some low end rifles, as well as ammo. Some food and other assorted items are available. However, you will pay a premium price for anything that you buy here and when the trader buys something from you, he's not too generous.
  • The trader has limited items for sale at high prices. You're going to have to scavenge for what you need.
  • Medlcal system: You can be knocked out and you can bleed to death. Your wounds can become infected and must be cured with water and Vishprin using the XM8 app.
  • Temperature system: Freeze to death or die of heat exhaustion! Monitor your temperature. You can warm up at one of the camp fires found at most of the traders.
  • Safe zones: There arent safe zones in traders. Watch your back at the traders.
  • Respect levels: Level up as you gain respect. Higher levels affect how fast your hunger and thirst deteriorates, increases your healing rate and increases your chance of finding intel.
  • Wages: Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase with your level
  • Simulation manager/custom cleanup: Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup.
  • Dinamic map: Map can change to winter/summer versions
  • Unlocked vehicles: An unlocked vehicle is a free vehicle. Make sure to lock your vehicle when you leave it.
  • Locked vehicles: A locked vehicle is a private vehicle. You can stealt but not destroy it.
  • New vehicle repair system: You need motors, fuel tanks, windscreen etc parts to repair your vehicle.
  • Vector building added: You can place your base parts in multiple possitions.



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